China Textile City builds a leading market for high-end home textile decorative fabrics

The apparel and accessories market in China Textile City was established in 2008, and the market's products mainly cover three categories: apparel and accessories, home textiles, and accessories. Restricted by various factors, early market development faced a series of difficulties such as difficulty in rent collection, difficulty in operation, and difficulty in development, and urgently needed transformation, upgrading, and innovative development.

   In the past two years, the surrounding environment of the market has undergone earth-shaking changes: transportation has become more and more convenient, the grey fabric market has opened smoothly and prospered, the textile creative design industry has risen, the textile CBD is planned and constructed, and other commercial supporting facilities have become more and more complete. After years of accumulation, the external conditions for the prosperity and development of the apparel and apparel market in China Textile City have gradually matured.

  With the support of the district party committee and government, the market development and management company re-invested in the business rooms on the second to fifth floors of the reclaimed original home textile area, realizing "free cages for birds". The new business products are determined to be high-end home textile decorative fabrics, including curtain semi-finished products, finished products, wall coverings, table cloths and other household upholstered fabrics.

In recent years, Keqiao home textiles and decorative fabrics have developed extremely rapidly: the curtain industry is currently in a period of vigorous development, and the traditional market area appears to be relatively crowded; while the wall covering industry, as a new branch of decorative fabrics, has not developed momentum. Many companies have a one-stop home textile and soft furnishing industry chain with broad development prospects.

   The market company will launch the auction for the lease of investment in the near future, and will auction for the 6-year use right of the market business house.

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